why I don't say I love you

You've always asked me, why I don't say I love you. If I even love you. But for me I want to confess more sweetly and unforgettably like those lovers in movies.

I've been waiting for the white snow. I will say it now, the thing I've been saving just for you. I love you. I love your smile that's brighter than the sun and the two hands that hugged me. I promise you that I will never leave you. I will always be standing by your side to tell you. What are you hesitating about, is it really that hard? I want to hear what your heart wants to say.

But for me I want to make it more special and not just a passing by moment. I want this day to be remembered more beautifully than any other days.

I don't want to leave your side even for a moment.
I just want the time to stop when I'm hugged by you.
I love you like this.

I love you 

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