Sad Heart :'(

It's raining, what do I do? I really miss you
I don't dare call you, 
I can't find a reason to
Why has the sound of insomia become so familiar?
The silent scene replaces you
Accompanying me as I wait for the rain to stop
Anticipation makes people more and more devoted
Who is like me and can't wait for there somebody?
By falling in love with you, 
I am always learning the taste of loneliness
I’m alone holding my umbrella
I’m alone wiping my tears
So tired by myself
What sort of rain
What sort of a night
What sort of me will make you miss me more
How heavy must the rain be? 
How dark must the night to be
to make you care?
In fact, without me, you can't make out the difference, 
how much clearer can the result be?
Don't say you're sad
Don't say you want to change
People who are loved do not need to apologise

p/s Sad Heart :'(

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